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Hightower's website wins award from WAUZIKONTOR.DE

Dog Breeders Page May 2010: Hightowers - Huskies writes about us:

Our dog breeder page of the month for May is the husky breeder Hightowers, who can already look back on a successful 15-year history and already have 14 Best-in-Show victories to their credit. The breeder of purebred Siberian Huskies presents itself with a self-confident, no-frills look and clear proportions convey a professional overall impression, the site is clearly constructed with a classic two-column grid, noble gray and brown tones communicate a pleasant, calm color climate. Only the wooden background is a tribute to the effect, but it integrates seamlessly and appropriately into the overall harmonious impression of the site.

In terms of content, you can see immediately that there is not just a breeder at work here, but also an absolute fan of this breed, so under the heading Winter2009/10 you can see breeders and dogs flying over the snow-covered slopes in a manner appropriate to their status and with Norwegian harnesses and sleds. In the area of exhibitions, the cumulative success story is presented in detail, in the area of dogs and puppies it is just as well structured and detailed and in places visually stunning. With every line of source code, the whole site breathes the absolute connection and fascination of the breeder to his animals, everything is prepared with great attention to detail and really in great detail and integrated into the site. All in all, a worthy winner, laudation to the Husky breed Hightowers.

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